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diva_fanfics's Journal

Fanfiction for all WWE Divas- Past and Present
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diva_fanfics was created to provide a place for fanfic writers to post/share their diva/knockout based fanfiction. It also serves as a prompt/challenge based community for writers to participate in. All diva/knockout based pairings are welcomed here.
rules +
The rules of the community are simple and in place to make this a user-friendly place to be. All of the community rules can be found in this entry while challenges and prompts will have additional rules. In order to post here, you must request posting access and obviously, be a member of the community.
challenges +
There are three types of challenges that this community runs. Prompt Based- with an on-going deadline (eg. 30 Kisses, 100 Word Prompt). Monthly- with a given theme (eg. songfics). Quarterly- Multiple challenges with a common theme, posted once every four months. One will be Seasonally based and the other will be more Holiday specific. (eg. Fall and Halloween, Winter and Christmas, Spring and Easter, etc.)

Special challenges may also be issued from time to time (eg. quotes, crossover specific, etc.)
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Disclaimer: this community is in no way affiliated with the WWE, TNA or any of the women represented within.

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